10 Tips That Will Make You More Influential

The art of influencing people is rare. Those who have it get things done their way whenever they want. It is not just your social standing or your financial health that decides how influential you are. Instead, your influence decides how rich and socially connected you will be.

Do you want to be an influential person? If yes, follow these 10 tips that will change your personality and your life. They will help you appear more influential and powerful, no matter where you go.

  1. Speak with confidence

Whatever you speak, speak with confidence. Make sure that your words reflect who you are. Avoid slangs and don’t try to speak too fast or too slow.

  1. Dress to impress

No matter how expensive your clothes, you could end up looking shabby and mismanaged. Invest in clothes that fit snug to your body and make sure they are always well matched. Don’t be too flashy.

  1. Know the value of silence

If you cannot add anything good to the conversation, it is better to remain silent and listen to people who are actively participating in it.

  1. Pay attention to your shoes

Many people dress nicely but don’t focus on their shoes. This shows that they are not well-managed and do not care much about their appearance. Wear clean and occasion-appropriate shoes at all times.

  1. Be real

Don’t try to be someone you are not. Have you ever seen a celebrity interview? You will find that these people are very comfortable in their own skin and that’s what makes them very likeable. You can do the same.

  1. Be respectful

If you are influential, you won’t have to be too demanding or bossy. Your influence also reflects in the way you treat people. Be respectful to people, regardless of their social or monetary situation. You should be respectful even when you disagree with people.

  1. Be persuasive

Your real influence is decided by your power to persuade people. You should know how to be more persuasive. Your interpersonal skills should be exceptional. Couple with confidence, persuasion will become your most important skill to increase your influence.

  1. Give compliments

The best way to get compliments is to give compliments. Your compliments should always appear genuine. You should be truly interested in a person. This makes them feel special and they make a very good impression of your in their minds.

  1. Be helpful and useful

Always be ready to help people. In general, try to be as useful as possible. You should be attentive to people’s need and must go out of your way to help them. Doing this will make you appear more useful to people. In time, they will themselves give in to your charisma and confidence.

  1. Always smile

Your smile is your weapon. It is like a jetpack that will instantly increase your influence over other people and help you persuade them more easily.

Turn our tips into habits and you will notice a great difference in your worldview. Simultaneously, people will start looking at you differently too.