3 Ways To Help People Become Better Managers

As someone working in the HR field, a big part of your job is helping the management of your organization to find, train, and position their hires in such a way as will result in the maximum benefit for the company. However, this is very much something that is easier said than done. Especially if you weren’t able to play a major role in hiring or training those who are now in management positions, it could be a real challenge to help make those people into great managers. So to help you with this task, here are three ways you can help people to become better managers.

Start With Your Own Example

Whether you’re the manager of your HR department or just an HR employee, you can start by setting a good example of what it means to be a solid manager. According to Charles Laverty, a contributor to Business.com, many managers will be watching you and those within your department to see how you respond or handle management-type situations. Especially when it comes to how managers are supposed to function within the rules of your organization—which you as HR should know front to back—you should be setting the standard with your own words and actions. Not only will this help your managers see your example as being effective within your own department, but it will also give you more clout when giving additional management advice in the future.

Find The Right Motivation

In order for someone to perform their job effectively, there has to be something motivating them. Once you find out what the most effective form of motivation is for the managers within your organization, you can then create more individualized ways for that motivation to be stronger. According to F. John Reh, a contributor to The Balance Careers, some of the most common forms of motivation at work include fear of consequences, prestige, pay, recognition, or wanting to impress others. If you’re able to pinpoint what is going to best motivation your managers, you can then create incentives that will fit best with the way they function and encourage them to be better managers or have more effective teams.

Create A Unique Management Style

While almost all good managers have some of the same basic characteristics, the day-to-day workings of a manger will come down to their own management style. As someone in HR, you can help the managers within your organization pinpoint what their management style is. According to Brandon Stapper, a contributor to Forbes.com, try to help your managers recognize their own strengths and understand their own weaknesses to create a management style that will work well with them and help them successfully manage their staff.

If you have some managers on your staff that aren’t quite living up to their potential, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how your HR department can help create better managers in the future.