Academic Impact of Social Media on College Students

The role of social media in our everyday lives is immense. From the smallest things like planning a party to the important and big decisions in life, such as choosing a phone or new apartment, social media is invariably at the crux of it all. The younger generation is the most affected by the social media and its various nuances.

Better peer connection

Thanks to various social media platforms students are coming close to each other for educational, social and emotional benefits. Most schools and colleges have their own groups and pages where students can interact with one another. These groups share various study materials, class notes and other information which every student who is a part of the said group can access. This helps students who have missed some classes stay up to date. This also helps the students to get to know one another beyond the school scenario and the tags, which helps in the creation of unlikely friendships.

Breaking barriers

Owing to the prevalence of social media these days it’s much easier for students to get in touch with their peers from other parts of the country or even those from across the world. This helps in breaking the geographical barriers of education. Thanks to social media education is not limited to even the boundaries of classroom only as more and more people from across the world are coming together to advance the field of academia with their precious inputs, knowledge and experience. It has helped in creating a generalised standard of education, irrespective of the place which has benefitted international students immensely.

Spread of academic knowledge

Owing to the spread of social media students have brought the entire academic community closer. This has helped students from various fields of academics express themselves better. Various colleges, universities and even personal spaces are hosting several paper presentations, study groups and other kinds of academic spaces which have been opened up to students who are interested, thereby helping academic researchers collaborate and collate better. The whole atmosphere of education has improved with these open platforms.

Increased transparency

Thanks to the boon of social media, there has been an increase in transparency in the circuit of education. Over the years there have been plenty of instances of posers duping the academic community. Be it with fake degrees or fake institutions itself, these have harmed the world of education immensely. Now it is almost impossible to dupe since everyone and everything is just a social media search or tweet away! The world of education has opened up and is actively weeding out those who do not belong in there, thereby, improving the quality of academics by a few notches every moment.

Review of academic institutions

Before applying to University of Washington 华盛顿大学 or for any other college students now check up on the syllabus, study environment, campus facilities etc. simply by searching for the location or course tag. This helps them find out about the experience of other students in the sphere and thus, asses their needs and what the institution or course has to offer. They can, thus, see if they fit in there. This helps students find for themselves the best education and career which suits them the best.

Often people argue that social media is a huge distraction to students who spend more time on these platforms than on their education which is hampered. It is indeed true that social can have quite a bit of negative influence if misused, but its immensely positive influence on education can’t dimply be denied.