Anticipating seasonal growth? Ways to save money while hiring more staff

There are numerous possible reasons why your company might want to start advertising for seasonal staff. Perhaps you work in an industry, like leisure and tourism, where the income streams rely heavily on seasonal trends, and you know from the past when those streams should next spike.

Increased custom could test your ability to handle it all well with only your current staff, so a few extra pairs of hands could come in… handy. Here are ways to source those hands cost-effectively.

Don’t overlook the free tool of social media

Much of your brand – and, thus, many of the reasons why people ought to consider working at your company – can be effectively communicated through that company’s social media pages.

You could – for example – show how well your firm treats its workers, as this USA TODAY article advises, and how this treatment feeds well into your office’s overall culture. Especially beneficially, social media is free to use and tends to attract younger employees, if those are who you seek.

Advertise your vacancies at a job fair

You should host that job fair yourself, too. After all, it would enable you to squeeze more interviews into your day. Furthermore, as your staff participate in your recruitment drive, they could soon be bubbling with excitement capable of enhancing the culture that the successful applicants join.

The job fair approach can be especially cost-effective if you plan it well in advance – to the extent that you begin advertising the fair roughly two weeks before it takes place.

Vet candidates carefully – but you can still save time

Resist the temptation to throw caution to the wind simply because you know that you are recruiting for a seasonal, rather than permanent, post. Properly vetting each candidate remains crucial, as a poor choice could prove a bigger issue than the one you were initially trying to rectify.

Nonetheless, by asking carefully-focused questions, like how the candidate solved a tricky issue in a previous job, you could still help yourself to determine the best candidate time-effectively.

Foster a pleasant and friendly environment

Given how expensive it can be to both search for a new employee and get them up to speed, you have an interest in reducing turnover. Hence, it’s important that, once a seasonal worker has joined your team, you make sure they genuinely enjoy their new environment.

Glassdoor explains that you can foster the right environment by encouraging managers to daily interact with staff and mitigate problems that could otherwise induce workplace tension.

Upgrade the corporate phone system to a VoIP solution

One potential source of extra expense when hiring someone new is tinkering with the firm’s existing arrangement in order to accommodate the new worker. However, what if you know that you will want to switch straight back to the old system once the seasonal worker has left?

Take heart that a VoIP phone system from a telecoms firm like Planet Numbers can be easily scaled up and down as your firm’s needs change.