The Bigger-Picture Problem Solving Strategy

Whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is we are all defined by our careers or perhaps our careers could be said to define a very big part of who and what we are. Think about it – when you introduce a love interest into your tight circle of friends or to your parents for that matter, within the first two or three questions you’ll inevitably get asked about what it is that person does for a living.

If you’re not in a career for which you harbour a passion then I guess it’s a rather unfortunate reality, but a reality nevertheless. That’s why I think it’s important for everyone to work at taking daily steps to moving closer to perhaps making the leap into their dream career, but that’s a whole other discussion for a whole other blog post, I suppose.

Today what I’m getting at really is that one’s personal life is so deeply intertwined with their professional life that pretty much any and all problems faced cannot really be separated, isolated and classed as being either professional or personal. I mean think about it – usually you will get afforded time off for something like some compassionate leave to sort out what can be some painful personal affairs, but the fact of the matter is that you have to ask permission from someone else (your boss) in some or other way.

If you have to drive across the country to attend a funeral on Sunday for example, chances are you’ll be too tired to go into work on the next Monday morning, which means that you’ll need to ask permission to get the day off. So the gist of the matter is that problems you face shouldn’t be approached in isolation, unless there’s a very clear solution which comes rather naturally.

So anyway, the bigger-picture problem solving strategy is what you need to apply, which as mentioned entails looking at the bigger picture and then trying to see how the isolated puzzle piece or selection of puzzle pieces fit in with the bigger picture in trying to solve the problem. Always ask yourself what the ultimate goal is and in doing so you open yourself up to a lot more solutions that might have otherwise not been so obvious.

When faced with whatever problem, first define what the original plan was as it’s important to keep track of what might have led to the problem in the first place. Next, look at the problem from the point of view of what instigated it as that is where the best solution could lie. For example, if you’re looking to file a claim for compensation having suffered personal injury, instead of hiring a specialist legal expert who expressly deals with such claims, rather look to make use of the services of the best Criminal Defense Attorney Appleton has to offer.

This way you’re looking at the “other side” to complete the bigger picture and you have a much better chance of winning your case (with regards to the example) because you’re prepared for what the defence may otherwise come with to try and weave its way out of paying your compensation claim.