A Business Bird’s Eye View from the HR Office

Since the Human Resources division of pretty much any typical corporate structure either forms a part of Administration or is inextricably linked with Admin, the title of this post could very well have included Admin instead of HR or perhaps in addition to HR. The important matter I want to draw your attention to today though is that of how the personnel working in HR pretty much sits at the pulse of the business they’re employed by and in a sense we kind of have a bird’s eye view of the market in which that business operates, in general.

Some very interesting business interactions come into view every so often when one actually sits down and takes a closer look at everything, an opportunity which admittedly comes around quite often since at times it gets quiet in the HR division, such as when all the payroll issues have been sorted out and there are no issues concerned with the positions employees hold.

One of these very interesting developments I’ve personally observed a few times is that of how the insurance industry and the legal industry seem to be at some kind of war. Needless to say, the legal industry usually wins this war, but what’s even more interesting to note is that the insurance industry in actual fact just seems to be an extension of the legal industry.

Think about it – in the insurance industry, it’s really nothing but law at play and the interpretation and application of that law.

If a claim is filed by an insured (the insurance policy holder) then this sets into motion all manner of legal considerations, many of which are validated and enforced as a result of having been written down on the legally binding document that is the insurance policy. Basically if you signed on the dotted line, what it means is that you agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract, which means the power lies in the hands of the insurer, right? Wrong…

For the most part if you have indeed signed on the dotted line it means you’ve committed yourself to be governed by the stipulated conditions, but how lawful those conditions are comes into play as well. Unfortunately this is the part which most consumers aren’t too clued up about otherwise they wouldn’t give up on their claims so quickly had they gotten the right legal counsel.

Additionally, in the ensuing “battle” between the policy holder and the insurer, consumers essentially leave themselves at the mercy of the insurers to make a favourable ruling for them because they believe that the legal cost implications surrounding their challenging of the insurer wouldn’t be worth it. This couldn’t be further from the truth as there are some really good car accident lawyers who offer free consultations and case evaluations.

Often by just indicating that you’re roping in some legal professionals to help you with your claim is enough for the typical insurance company to speed up proceedings and only go through the claims vetting process as a formality, ultimately paying out on the claim.