How Businesses Afford Luxury Trips for Deployed Employees

Anybody who is actively involved in the day-to-day running of a business that’s in the travel industry will tell you a story of how the industry thrives on bulk orders which pretty much make up their meeting of their profit targets. This is because businesses aren’t afraid to splash out in order to cover for the services to be enjoyed by their employees, but this business to business (B2B) relationship goes beyond the travel and tourism sector. It’s just really pronounced in this sector because of the fact that the services rendered are visible for the public at large to see.

Have you ever asked yourself though just how businesses can afford to spend what is seemingly so much money on keeping their employees under deployment super happy with luxury travel? Sure, not all businesses fly their employees in Business Class when they’re deployed and not all businesses will book you into a five star hotel to go with a chauffeur ride in luxury vehicle, to and from the airport, but generally a business will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible while you’re travelling.

So this is how it goes – it’s not all that expensive for these businesses because of the mere fact that they tend to be long-term, bulk-order customers of the travel industry businesses they patronise. You’re certainly not the only employee who has ever been deployed by your company, neither are you likely the first (unless it’s a brand new company) or the last.

Travel sector businesses such as airlines and hotels have special relationships with businesses, which means they are able to adjust their offerings to suit the needs of each of those companies individually and so they offer majorly discounted prices in exchange for the subsequent long-term business commitment. Cost would otherwise scale some ridiculous heights if the regular costs were levied on each of the employees under deployment by a specific company – I mean can you imagine having to pay the regular, commercial rate for a Business Class ticket for each of your 50 employees who are attending a conference somewhere across the world? Furthermore, you’d have to pay for their five star accommodation and for the advance-booking of the conference room, for example, which would be exorbitant to say the least.

Then there are things like catering and transport to get around while you’re at the destination you’re deployed to…It can all add up to some mind-blowing figures, but fortunately there is indeed what’s called the bulk or business rate…

Working in HR proves to be the gift that keeps on giving though because often we’re the ones who have to organise everything and in so doing we uncover some revelations such as the fact that lodging in exotic, luxury locations like Waikoloa Beach Resort doesn’t have to be expensive at all. This applies even if you’re not under company deployment and it only really involves choosing when you travel and also making full use of the loyalty and rewards programme points you accumulate while you are travelling under company deployment.