Design Staples For Your New Business Website

Modern culture requires that every business of any size have some level of digital awareness.  The most foundational piece of your organization’s digital awareness is building a business website.  

Though there is not a standard template for a successful business website design, there are a few elements which are standard throughout.  Take a few moments to review a brief synopsis of some of the most common design aspects used for digital success.

Navigation facilitates engagement

Every website design needs a method of navigation built into the layout.  Users need a way to explore the content your business creates, and a stationary (or floating) navigation element is the easiest way to facilitate engagement.  

If you’re not familiar with the look of a stationary navigation design, take a quick peek at this wrongful termination site as a perfect example.  Stationary navigation is one of the most common design elements used among successful web designers.  

Mobile viewers are more common

Your business website has to be optimized to serve the mobile population of the internet, as mobile users now outnumber standard PC or laptop users online.  If you neglect to account for the vast amount of mobile users, your business website won’t work right on their devices.

The display is one of the most daunting problems.  A PC monitor is always much bigger than a mobile device’s screen, so your pages will require lots of pinching and swiping for proper viewing.  

Add media queries to your design coding, and get on your way to being fully optimized.  Media queries will solve the issue of size with your display, so you’ll have more time to worry about other issues.  

Communication is vital to success

In business, you probably already know that communication is one of the most vital components of success.  You have to invest in enriching your communication tactics to get an accurate portrayal of the needs of your target population.  

Your business website isn’t complete without a “Contact Us” page, but there’s more to good comms than just one page of effort.  Add phone numbers on your homepage, “leave a comment” boxes on your blog, and always make certain that every request for communication receives a response.  

Use SEO to create better content

Search engine optimization will do just what it sounds like it will do: It will help you to optimize your digital content placement in the search engine results pages (or SERPs).  Ranking higher in the SERPs means that your organization’s content will have more of an opportunity to be seen by web users searching relevant terms.

Integrate social media sharing

Social media is a great way to gain exposure for your business website.  Make sure you don’t forget to add those little unforgettable sharing icons in appropriate spaces across your website’s design.