Great Administration Makes Great Businesses

Because of the fact that any formal qualifications in business administration are obtained within the Humanities section of the typical higher learning institution, it can get really easy for any administrative professionals to have their roles in the typical corporate structure undervalued. You’d think that this would play out to a greater degree in the typical corporate structure, but it doesn’t, in actual fact.

Undervaluation of the role of administrators surprisingly happens more in smaller business establishments, mostly because of the fact that the people who make it to top management in these types of establishments are often never exposed to the actual work an administrative professional actually does. It’s really a manifestation of the worst of the age old view that people tend to criticise or undervalue certain jobs if they’ve never had to complete those jobs themselves. Apart from the more creative careers which are pursued on a professional level, there is perhaps no other field in which this view rings so true. If you’re more of a technical person especially, it can get very easy to dismiss the importance of the administrators working in your company, but if you actually spent no more than a single week in the shoes of business administrators, you would realise that actually great administration is what makes great businesses.

Examples attesting to this view are everywhere if you learn how to look for them and once you take a little bit of a closer look and you actually go on to see it, you can never “unsee” it. That’s only a good thing though because what it means is that you’ll likely pay closer attention to the administrative side of any operation you’re part of, whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own business or indeed if some of your co-workers assume more of an administrative role in the company you both work for. Trust me, it helps to be in the good books of the people who actually pull the strings and in most cases have the final say as to how things are going to play out, so you’ll do well to be nice to the receptionist, coordinator, etc.

Sports industry

I could have perhaps made use of any other sporting code as an example to drive the point home, but I chose to use football (soccer) because it’s the world’s best-loved sport. Think about the German national football team (men’s) – any serious football enthusiast will tell you that Germans aren’t the most naturally gifted footballers on the planet, but because of the great administration in the running of their Football Association, they’re amongst the nations who have won the World Cup the most times in history.

Healthcare industry

Bringing things closer to a level more of us can perhaps identify with personally, looking at the healthcare industry from the point of view of comparing an institution such as UEW Healthcare with public healthcare, the latter is known worldwide to generally not be of the best standard, while the former epitomises the delivery of a great service. This is due in large part to good administration to go along with all the other facets of running such an institution.