The Importance of Physical Networking Sessions

For all that it offers in making communication simpler and more instant, the technology we now take for granted in our emails still has its limitations when it comes to the business world. I agree with the content in one of my favourite UK entrepreneurs’ books, Duncan Bannatyne – it is said that it’s too easy to sit in front of your computer and send emails, whereas what you should rather be doing as an entrepreneur launching your new operation is going out into the field to talk up your prospective customers and build other relationships with some key figures.

It is indeed too easy to send out emails and that’s precisely the reason why the numbers associated with email marketing campaigns are so low. I’m sure you’ve heard of the one per cent conversion rate, where you get one sale out of every 100 emails sent out?

Granted, this conversion rate seems to hold water even if you take things beyond the digital communication space and actually go out knocking on the doors of your prospective clients. What you’ll find though is that when you choose to go out into the market physically in this way, you make more of a lasting impression. There will come a time down the line when someone who might have taken your business card two or three years ago suddenly gives you a call to enquire about a quote for a massive, repeat order of your product or services!

Additionally, going out and getting dirty, so to say, will expose you to so many other character-building elements along the way and it might perhaps even help you uncover some opportunities you will have never come into contact with sitting at your computer. Heck, even so-called digital nomads rely very heavily on the travelling side of things, where they seek out co-working spaces to collaborate with other like-minded people. All of these people supposedly make their money using their internet connected laptops, but what you’ll find is that a very big part of this allure resides in being able to showcase their supposed success…

Digital nomads make for a topic for another day though…Right now I’d like to bring focus back to the topic at hand, which is the importance of attending physical networking sessions as opposed to just joining what are admittedly seemingly more convenient online networking platforms.

I mean the proof is in the results – some of the most successful businesses, companies and entrepreneurs aren’t even bothered about online networking platforms because these just turn into a platform for the operators of those platforms to sell advertising, targeting business-to-business service providers. Why do you think some of the most successful Oakland car accident lawyers aren’t really part of these online networking platforms?

It’s because of the illusion these digital spaces create of quick and easy accessibility, whereas when you interact with someone physically you get to really get a sense of the problems they’re facing and this is when you put yourself in the best position to refine your solution so that it strikes at the heart of that customer’s problem.