How a Picture Christmas Card Can Help Your Business

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and any smart business should be looking at ways to use the season to their advantage. Christmas is a time of warmth, love, and sharing, so it only makes sense to share some of that with your customers via a picture Christmas card. A Christmas card is a great way to encourage your customers or potential customers to associate the good will of the holiday season with your business. If you choose the right photo card website it will be simple to create a Christmas card and the overhead cost will be very minimal. Here are a few of the benefits that come from sending out such a simple holiday greeting.

Put a Face on Your Business

When most people think of a business or a company, they only see a logo in their head, or a nameplate. This impersonal image of your business will not help you edge out your rivals in any way. It also is not going to help encourage them to walk through your doors, but a picture Christmas card can help change that. A Christmas card that features your employees will help show the faces behind your business, and make it more relatable to customers. Next time your business comes up in discussion or their mind, they will see people instead of a logo, and that may be the force that drives them to pick up the phone.

Create a Local Connection with Clients

You can build on this idea by taking the opportunity to frame your business card with a notable and easily recognizable local background. People prefer to shop local in most cases if they have the option, so use your card to connect with them. Take the photo downtown in a gazebo, in front of a local statue, or by a scenic piece of local nature. Your goal is to choose a background that is unique to your service area, so customers know your business values its location.

Remind Previous Customers You’re Around

Customer retention plays a large role in the success of a business, and a picture Christmas card is a great way to help draw old customers back. It is a friendly, non-obtrusive, and noncommercial way to remind them that you are still around. Regular advertisements are easily discarded without a second thought, but customers will pause to open an envelope and look at the card inside. This pause is all you need to ensure that they are thinking about your business again. You also will want to expand your address book and include potential customers or clients you have reached out to in the past. The more people you send your card out too, the higher the potential return will be.