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Working in HR means that I get to talk to many people day in and day out during my working week. I have therefore realized that all of us have a considerable amount of individual and specified information and skills to offer one another, which would substantially increase our knowledge and help each other further our careers and journey in the world of business.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense to come together on the Touch HR website and combine all this specialist knowledge together and work on encouraging a broader understanding of community spirit by submitting a guest blog post for inclusion to the blog. This means that everybody who reads the Touch HR blog can contribute their own words to it by penning a useful blog post of their very own.

If this sounds like something which you would be interested in doing, read further for information on how to get your blog posts written up and sent to me, and then fill out the form below.

The Type of Writer Who Can Contribute to My Blog

I am often asked the questions of who can write for the Touch HR blog and do I need any special qualifications to do so? The answer I give each time is the same – anybody who has a passion for the business industry can write for this blog! This response can sometimes leave a few people stumped, as it seems that many people believe that you must be a qualified writer to be able to get a blog post published on a website. But this could not be any further from the truth.

Visitors come to the pages of Touch HR to be informed, educated, updated or merely to receive tips and guidance on a business-related topic. So, they expect to see an article written by somebody who knows precisely what they are talking about. If you work in the business industry, in whatever capacity, or you have prior experience of its workings, there is no one better placed to write this kind of information into a blog post.

Your very own history of business is what the community of Touch HR is looking for. They are not concerned with your writing credentials, or even whether you have submitted to a website before or not. They want to access quality writing that apparently shows that you know exactly what you are writing about.

The List of Topics the Touch HR Blog Currently Promotes

As you look at the Touch HR website, you will notice an extensive and varied list of topics which are available for all contributors to write up their own blog post on. Currently, the issues that most interest and stimulate the readers of the Touch HR blog include:

  • Banking System
  • Big Business and Corporations
  • Business Topics
  • Credits and Loans
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • E-Commerce and Online Business
  • Financial Topics
  • Insurance Tips
  • Management
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Mortgages
  • Personal Finance
  • Running A Small Business
  • Stock Trading

I feel that this is just the right number of categories, and includes almost everything you would expect to see from a business orientated blog. However, I will add to and amend as necessary as each month progresses to keep up with the business industry. If you have a suggestion for a category that is perhaps not yet included here, but you believe it would be of great benefit to the Touch HR community, I would welcome your suggestions.

Sample Article Titles for Consideration

If you would like some guidance on the exact types of articles which the Touch HR website is looking for in its guest blog posts, then this may help. This is a small list I have compiled of suggested titles that always seem to be popular with the website’s readers, and which you could look at structuring your first article around if you need that little bit of encouragement:

  • What Can A HR Department Do for My Business?
  • When Should I Begin to Look at Expanding My Small Business?
  • What Types of Jobs Can I Do Working from The Home?
  • What is All the Fuss About Cryptocurrencies and How Can I Find Out More?

The Many Reasons to Write and Publish Your Post Here

So, why take the time to contribute a post to this blog, I hear you say? The answer is simply why not pass on what you know and enable the broader community of Touch HR to benefit from your very own expertise? I see so many qualified and wonderfully insightful people from all walks of life in the business industry. Imagine if each one of them were to combine all their thoughts into a guest blog post and submit it to this progressive website. Imagine what we could all learn from it?

Not only will you be lending others your valuable experience, but by writing a blog post for Touch HR, you will also receive acknowledgment for your piece in the shape of a small bio. This will inform the readers more about you and your business history and will appear alongside your own name pride of place next to your submitted article. If you like me to mention your social media account, I will also endeavor to do so. Should people, therefore, want to find out more about the person behind the blog post, they can do so.

Ultimately, write for my site, and I can guarantee you an audience of 13, 200 plus visitors per month who will all be able to access and read your words of wisdom and recommend what it is you have to say to those around them while putting your advice into action for themselves!

The Process of How to Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

Once you have your blog post written up, all that remains is for you to hit the send button – and that really is all there is to the submission process at Touch HR! Why make submitting a blog post complicated? Get your final piece to me on the form below, and I will take a quick look through it and decide on the relevant category for it to be placed in, before including it on the site for you and the 13,200 plus visitors to read instantly.