Re-Visiting the 5 P-s

Before I even go any further, just so that we’re clear, the 5Ps stand for Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance and nothing could be truer than that when it comes to both your personal and professional life. I mean sure, it’s become somewhat of a cliché, but like in many cases sometimes there is indeed truth in a cliché.

So granted, it’s easy to sit in one’s chair and throw about fancy clichés like this, but what does it all actually mean in practice? What does it mean to plan and prepare properly so as to avoid poor performance?

Setting a goal?

Sometimes the goal is set for you such as in the case where we’re dealing with your job – whatever task your boss has laid out for you is the goal. Otherwise you’re the one who needs to clearly define what goal you’re working towards and if you take the time to look a little harder you’ll realise that pretty much your whole life is constructed with a collection of goals, from the smallest to the biggest you’ll get.

Considering all eventualities

You might argue that the consideration of all eventualities should perhaps come before the setting of your goals, but it’s a motivational thing. If you set a goal you’ll have something to work towards from the very beginning and when things get really tough you will always have that initial goal to look back to and summon the strength to keep going.

We make plans and sometimes those plans are given to us, but things may not go accordingly, which means we need to be objective about considering all the eventualities. What could happen should be clearly defined, good or bad.

Making provision for all eventualities

The next natural step is to devise a plan for each of those eventualities, good or bad so that you know exactly what to invest your energy into when things start to shape up in a specific way.

Leaving room for dynamism

It’s all good and well drawing up plans and perhaps even making those plans official through something like a legal document, but when it comes right down to it and things go horribly wrong, people whom you would have otherwise trusted with your life could very well turn against you. That’s why as part of the 5Ps it’s important to leave ample room for some dynamism. You might need to adapt to certain situations as they come. In the personal realms an example would be that of an initially blissful marriage going rather pear-shaped, in which case all the promises you made to each other with your estranged spouse will pretty much assume a different dynamic since different emotions are in place at this very moment. Nobody goes into a marriage thinking that they might one day require the services of Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, P.C., but provision has to be made for that if and when the need arises.

Finally, you need to be consistent and diligent in your pursuit of the goal that was set.