What to do when a stylist suddenly leaves your hair salon

Having a hair salon can result in some very interesting relationships being formed between the client, the workers and the business owner. Your salon employees are like your family, thus when one decides to leave it can have a dramatic impact on your business, whether that be on their favourite clients or on the business altogether, especially if they left due to negative reasons. Here are some tips on what to do when one of your stylists decides to leave the business without prior notice.

Let’s begin with the worst of situations                              

Hopefully this will never happen to you, but let’s imagine that your stylist has been a problem since day one. Messing up client’s hairstyles, leaving a mess in the salon or maybe even stealing from the cash register. Once confronted, they have caused an argument and storm out from the salon in a rage. If this was to happen to you then first of all it is best to check with all the workers and customers to make sure that no one was harmed in the confrontation. After that, you must check for damage in the building. If there is any, such as broken product or hair technology, then you can report this to your Hair Salon Insurance in order to cover the damages. If the damage is really bad then you can even consider the client. Remember that if any of your workers or customers are put in danger, then be sure to call the police. This is why it is best to have CCTV in your store to record the event for evidence.

Keeping the clients happy

Now that the worst of situations has been dealt with, it is time to move on to focusing on your clients. If your stylist was popular then their departure may cause a lot more problems than you realise. Hairdressers tend to bond with their clients, and the clients themselves will have favourites amongst your staff. Firstly, it is important to contact the stylist’s clients as soon as possible to let them know that their hairdresser has left their job.

Once they have been informed, it is important to try and keep their confidence and loyalty in your additional stylists. Be sure to recommend them other stylists. If you know that one of your customers comes to have their hair dyed, then recommend a member of your team who is extremely efficient with their dying technique.

Make sure it’s positive

It is never nice to leave with a sour taste in your mouth. If your stylist was a valued member of the team, then try not to let the gossip of their departure spread so that it ends up slandering them. Prepare a small narrative about why they have left and emphasis their positive points so that you can leave an amicable impressionfor your clients. Instead, speak about the positives of the team and how they will miss the stylist, or that you are even using it as an opportunity to train new people.