What Makes Someone Suited to a Specific Job

A certain Ross Kemp comes to mind when we start to explore just exactly what it is which makes someone suited to a specific job they do, particularly those jobs which are either very difficult, highly specialised or are just downright dangerous. The BBC presenter’s “Ross Kemp on Gangs” television serious has him travelling all over the world, peeling back the layers of the various gangs and gang-related activities which transpire in some of the shadiest of these corners of the world.

What is particularly intriguing however is how he often manages to get close to the gangsters who are at the heart of their ‘industry,’ convincing them to even appear on camera and talk about their illicit and dangerous dealings, albeit they’re masked-up so as to avoid being identified by law enforcement officials. When I’m watching the show I cannot help but wonder if the Ross Kemp factor makes the show and I struggle to imagine it any other way. I mean I guess that’s why the entire show’s name incorporates his name and it’s really hard to imagine someone else’s name replacing his and someone else replacing him proper as the presenter.

I’m not quite sure exactly what it is, but I bet one could indeed find out if they did some research about it, but I reckon there’s probably some unique event which transpired earlier on in Ross Kemp’s life which has basically equipped him with the kind of unique skills he now clearly possesses which allow him to come up with ways of getting the roughest and shadiest of characters to talk. It’s always interesting to watch and listen to him report on how he first comes into contact with these characters and inevitably gets some resistance, but then he builds up some kind of trust and ultimately gets them to tell their story.

I suppose I used quite an extreme example to drive my point home, but I guess the intended effect is all that matters at this particular juncture and it is indeed to highlight that certain jobs are best suited to certain people. But what is it exactly which makes someone suited to a specific job?

People who are miserable in their jobs just haven’t found a way to construct a link between their unique set of skills and their job and sometimes they haven’t even found a way to identify their unique set of skills. As is the suspected case with Ross Kemp, your skills could be acquired on the back of a personal experience which then makes you best suited to a specific job and at other times it’s merely a matter of finding something you’re really good at and then making a career out of that.

Environmental waste specialist Master Environmental is a great example of that, making a career out of a need and service which is highly specialised and particularly challenging. Environmental waste removal and management is no child’s play and it perhaps symbolises one of those industries in which one who has developed their unique set of skills can make a success out of.