Who I Am

Welcome to the home of Touch HR. This is an informative website designed to help all people get ahead in the fascinating world of business.

My Background

My name is Elizabeth Malone, and I live and work in the beautiful city of Mountain View, California. It is here that I work in a large office department dealing with human resources, with my specialty in data analytics.

Working in HR has encouraged me to see the business world in a slightly different way and, consequently, I am a firm campaigner for the rights of employees in the workplace. I strongly believe that to succeed in this sometimes-complex world of business, a company needs to have the right employees at its helm.

I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004, and just 6 years later, I had worked my way up in the industry, paying off all my student debt, buying myself a car and getting myself on the housing market with my very own home! I believe the only reason why I was able to achieve all of this in a short space of time was that of my analytics skills, and personal drive to utilize several different ways of making a good income.

I then took a job in the HR department of the company I currently work for and began to apply my skills with numbers towards encouraging a better work environment for all employees. Though I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do, I intend to leave my full-time post soon and devote myself entirely to this blog you see before you; touch-hr.com.

How Touch HR Was Created

By working in HR, I have had the pleasure of getting involved in so many individual business issues, and it was because of this that I wanted to get other businesses involved that weren’t perhaps quite savvy when it came to such matters. I started with a small blog which I worked on once a week adding a couple of articles to it on issues that I had come across that same week. My colleagues were amongst some of the first to read the blog, and the reaction was that it was very well received. I hadn’t initially intended for it to go much further than that – but I soon had to rethink my ideas when the blog began to expand steadily!

A few weeks later, I noticed an increase of visitors to my blog, and I was beginning to receive messages about the content that I was publishing. It appeared that I had a writing style and a flair to capture the very essence of the subjects that both employees and business owners themselves wanted to read about and the response was astounding.

Within just a few months of the blog being up and running, I was having to rethink the number of times I updated its content and soon found myself working on it daily, interacting with its wide-reaching range of visitors. The satisfaction it gave me when I received a message from a reader telling me how they had applied my knowledge was indescribable, and I knew I was on to something.

What Touch HR Aims to Achieve

This website is designed for ease of access and more importantly, solely for every visitor to take something of wisdom from its pages. Whether you are an employee yourself, you own a company, or perhaps you are merely interested in business matters, I intend for this to be the blog where you can access all your business knowledge and much more.

From the banking system to cryptocurrencies, and mortgages to stock trading, if it is a subject of relevance, you can guarantee Touch HR will be talking about it!