A Whole World of Security

When we hear the word security, for many people the first thing that flashes through their minds is an image of a fierce looking bald headed guy, working as a bouncer at a night club, ready to do you violence at the slightest misdemeanour. The reality today though is a completely different picture, with ultimate professionalism, smart uniforms, excellent manners and trained to keep violence out of the picture completely. Security is everywhere around us every day, in shopping malls, in offices, hotels and even the apartments we live in. Security is big business and has come a very long way in the last few decades.

Reasons for Security

Obviously, everyone wants to feel that they are in a safe environment whether they are going shopping, taking public transport, going to an event, or simply relaxing at home. As one of the largest cities in England, Manchester does have its fair share of crime, which is the reason so many businesses take out insurance policies against theft, and ensure that their business premises have all of the latest features, such as CCTV security cameras, steel roll down shutters etc. but even so, they are still not a 100% guarantee against theft. If you are a victim, it can have a major impact on your company, can cause potential downtown while you are restocked, and some of your employees may feel insecure. Places with security guards present, are far less likely to be the victim of crime, as potential thieves can see a visual and physical deterrent, and are likely to look elsewhere.

Professionally Trained

The security guard industry came in for many complaints in years gone by, leading to tightening of legislation across the industry, and it has had a very beneficial impact across the board. Today, if you are looking for security guards in Manchester, they will be fully licensed, with their company an accredited member of the Security Industry Authority, or SIA, and hold an approved contractor status, allowing them to lawfully offer security guarding and door supervision. The SIA was required by the Private Security Industry Act of 2001, to establish a system of inspection of security providers, to ensure that they met the agreed upon standards. The security guard today is not just some tough looking guy, who enjoys throwing his weight around. Guard are fully trained in all aspects that their job is likely to entail and must obtain recognised qualifications.

Training Aspects

Every aspect of security today has its own specialised training programmes. When you see a security van delivering or picking up cash, all of the security guards will have had to take a specific training course in order to qualify to be able to do so. They will be taught every aspect of everything that could potentially happen, and exactly what to do in response, when something does. There are even more intense training courses for those who wish to become involved with personal protection, or being a bodyguard.

The security you see at sporting events or music concerts, have been fully trained in public space surveillance, and yes, even the good old bouncers, who are now known as door supervisors, have to receive full training and certification.