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With my background firmly established in the Human Resources section, I thrive on working with and alongside other employees, and I love the feedback and support we can all offer to one another by working this way. It makes perfect sense to extend this community way of working to the blog of Touch HR. Therefore, if you would like to contact me for anything related to the website, you can fill out the form below.

If there is something more specialized that you are looking for, then I hope this following information will make the contact process easier for you:

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With so many unique individuals choosing to visit the pages of Touch HR, I can guarantee that each one of them has a business story of their own to tell! If you have some expertise, knowledge, skill set or merely want to offer a little advice and guidance to your fellow business community members, then why not compile a quality guest blog post for the entire Touch HR community to share in?

Look at the page on the site titled Get Published Here to get a better idea of what types of articles I am looking for on the blog, and how you too could be submitting your own masterpiece for inclusion on the website.

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With so many business orientated members choosing to access the Touch HR website on a regular basis, the numerous adverts placed on the site are some of the first things that catch their eye. If your company has a product or service which could benefit from being advertised on a progressive website such as, taking out an ad is one of the easiest ways to gain access to these astounding 13,200 plus members each month!

Take a further look at the section on this website titled Advertise, to learn more about the possibilities of online advertising, and how easy it is to arrange your very own tailored package on the Touch HR website.

Request My Specialist Services

As you may know, I am a Data Analytics expert with over a decade in the industry. Dealing with numbers is one of my stronger fortes, and I am more than willing to offer my extended services to a small section of external clients who may wish to request such help with their own business matters. If you would like to utilize my knowledge, I would be more than willing to discuss with you further how I could possibly help your business needs.

Offer Your Thoughts on the Touch HR Website

Finally, I will always view as a work in progress as I believe to offer the most relevant and high-quality content, the site needs to continually improve itself to keep pace with the ever-changing regulations, news, and updates that the business industry demands. Therefore, if you can see a way to improve on the site, I would love to hear your opinions.